Google+ and YouTube Making them Work Together

We deal with this question all the time:

We would like our youtube page linked with our  google+ page.  Since this is the Youtube page we have had for a while now we would like to keep all of its data and videos and link it to Google+ but  there is now a 2nd Google+ page, we would like to disconnect this page from our Youtube and have the Youtube page connected with our first/main page.

Here’s how we tackle this:

So, this is the plan I’ve come up with, executed in this order.

*While logged in as your Bear Creek Resort Google+ page go to YouTube where your unwanted page is (it’s a global login in so just hop over to Youtube)*

1. Go here:

2. Click “Disconnect Google+ profile, and use your YouTube username.”
We’ll have taken care of the dummy YouTube page connection.

The next 2 steps will be the important ones, as we’re trying to connect your YouTube page and a Google+ page.

*While logged in as the correct Google+ page owner/manager.*

1. At this point, you have to invite the specific e-mail login address (associated with the YouTube account we want to connect to) to be a manager of the Google+ page. That can be done from this page:

*While logged in again as the YouTube account.*

2. And at that point, we can follow the process described here to then connect the YouTube account to the Google+ page we now manage.

If that doesn’t work, then you can try this:

Change the settings to minimize the excess Google+ page off your YouTube account. It’s still there, but wont be as visible in the future. It’s good now that we at least an account, the login below, that is connected with all the relevant accounts After even more research, I found this on this page:

“If you connected your channel to Google+ over 14 days ago, try submitting the form via the link below. We’ll help you get your channel connected to the right profile or page.”

Luckily, this form seems to be exactly what we need.