Samantha Rufo, Communicator, President
Visionary, Storyteller, Intuitive, Demanding, Fun, Passionate, Curious, Computer Geek, Hostess, Skier

View my profile on LinkedIn Sam is a catalyst. She started nxtConcepts and myMarketingGuide.com with a mission. This mission is a collaborative mix of strategy, communications, design and technology that are the company’s cornerstones. Sam’s penchant for great strategy, big ideas and up-tempo client service is ideally suited to the vigorous, entrepreneurial environment that small businesses operate in.

Samantha started working in the ski industry in 1996 as the Marketing & Sales Director at Mad River Mountain, OH. For 7 years she was an active force in creating integrated marketing & technology programs. Many ski runs and an armful of awards later, she won a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing thinking and program development. Before Mad River, Sam developed and oversaw the centralized sales and marketing department for a $20 million commercial cleaning company. Looks like that Political Science degree from the University of Dayton has come in real handy!

In 2004 she transitioned from her management position at this Peak Resorts facility to President of nxtConcepts. She has successfully managed hundreds of campaigns using both traditional and new media. Including: targeted loyalty programs, Gen X & Baby Boomer programs, group programs, frequent guest programs, first time programs, joint marketing programs, and internet marketing programs.

Campaign results in the double and triple digit growth categories are not uncommon in Samantha’s portfolio. Samantha is not only used to getting results but also recognition. The following campaigns that Samantha developed and managed went on to be recognized within the ski industry for their originality and results:

* Awarded Best Sales & Promotion Campaign Using the Internet from the National Ski Areas Association (Mad River Mountain, May 00)
* Awarded Best Sales & Marketing Program, “Develop New Skiers” from the National Ski Area’s Association (Mad River Mountain, May 01)
* Awarded Best Sales & Marketing Program, “Develop New Skiers” from the National Ski Area’s Association (Mad River Mountain, May 03)
* Provided the sales template and MTM program direction to Hidden Valley Resort, MO which increased their sales numbers 40% in the first season and led them to win the Best Sales & Marketing Program, “Develop New Skiers” from the National Ski Area’s Association (Mad River Mountain/Peak Resorts, May 03) in their category.
* Provided the concept and program direction to Snow Trails, OH for a Website Based Viral Marketing Campaign which led them to win the Best Sales & Marketing Program, “
Best Program to Increase Overall Frequency of Existing Participants, May 06) in their category.

As the President of nxtConcepts she has been the driving force behind developing the company’s goals, objectives, policies, and initiatives for the short term and long term growth and profitability of the organization. Besides keeping a hand in the day-to-day work, she also directs the business development, marketing, sales, and human resources.

Samantha is a great believer in giving back to the community. To further skiing in Ohio she has acted as the Ohio Ski Reporter every winter since 1998. She has also served on the Board of the Greater Columbus Habitat for Humanity as the PR Director and the Columbus Chapter of the American Marketing Association as the VP of Communications.

In addition to working with clients, she is also a published author and an active and outspoken public speaker on Interactive Marketing.

President of nxtConcepts, Ltd

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