Comment Policy – play nice and no spam

It started simply enough…nice spam.  A few comments here, a few positive reviews there, then all of a sudden–lots of useless and seemingly spam links to sites I would never want to promote on my blog.  So, as of this first Monday in the New Year, I am announcing my personal war against comment spam.

Here’s just a few ways to get your comments removed from my blog:

  • Your name is a bunch of keywords that do not tell me who you are but what  you are pushing.
  • Comments that simply say “nice site” are not going to last long and may get your IP address banned.
  • Links in the body of the comment.
  • Signing off with a link.

How to post comments:

  • write something acceptable-whether you agree with me or not.
  • I have a comment form please use it to ask me questions unrelated to my post.
  • Please stay on topic.
  • Submitting lots of good comments over a period of time (not all at once) is a good way to get my attention and have me want to link to you.

Once again, thanks for reading and your support (for those that are actually reading and not spam bots).