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Frequently I’m asked by clients which blogging software I recommend.  Although, I’ve gone through a variety of flavors of blogging software over the past few years, I’ll admit I’m far from knowing every option.  Which blog software people choose should be based on what their goals are and web skills.

Here are my top tips when considering business blogging software:
Decide whether you want to use a service provider to host your blog (web page) or if you will do it yourself.  Note: While a hosted solution gives you less control over changing the software, it also saves you all the server setup and administration headaches. If you want to get started quickly, you can always start on a hosted solution and then export the content to your own down the road.

How your blog will look can be accomplished in multiple ways.  Many hosted solutions have wizard-based layouts that can be tailored somewhat–great to get started.

The next stage of design is custom CSS.  This is where you would start using background images and make other layout adjustments. This is a good option if you are looking to still use wizards and to control some basic design elements.

For the most control over layouts you can use full custom templates (html knowledge needed) and the time to test the code.

For some good side-by-side comparisons of popular blog platforms check this out

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