Faulty Customer Assumptions

I was reading through some old seminar notes of mine today.  Back in 2005 I did a presentation about the need for marketers to embrace technology and use it to make customer’s lives easier.  Although the graphics in the presentation are old by today’s standards, the message was not.

Here’s a brief recap of six faulty customer assumptions that can trap a business:

  • They know about you
  • They inherently care
  • They will tolerate complexity
  • They will do as you wish/conform to your needs
  • They just want a complete list of what you offer (let them figure out which feature or benefit they need)
  • They are predisposed to your brand = loyal

Is your business customer friendly or are you guilty of some of the assumptions above?

Has Your Business Lost Brand Control?

With the prevalence of social media and the internet, businesses no longer have complete control of their marketing messages. Consumers who are willing to talk about their experiences – also have the power to change perception.

What are some of the steps you are using to manage your reputation?

Here’s three we do:

1. Monitor. We use a variety of search tools to keep track of what is being said about our company, the people that work here, our services, clients, and other relevant keywords that appear online.

2. Evaluate. We read through everything. Then, we need to decide “if”, “how”, “when”. and “what” approach to use.

3. Act. Before we comment, we try to take into account the source, outlet, timing, and level of risk what we might say will have in the social sphere. We also try to decide if it is better to respond publicly or privately.

What else would you add?